Reboot - Reaching the Final in the Reboot forum competition

30 April 2018

Adi Goldenberg:
We didn’t win but are honoured to be among the 10 finals of the Reboot Forum competition of medical innovations , with our initiative “UBTF between Science and Medicine“ following the idea of creating a unique model of an interdisciplinary roundtable of scientists and physicians concerning the UBTF mutation.

On Reboot:
These initiatives were chosen by ‘Reboot Forum’ because of their ability to lead to significant change among patients, their families or medical staffs, and to contribute to the sustainability of the healthcare system. They have won the annual ‘Health Initiative Of Year Contest’ and received an “Acceleration Package” that includes financial support, introduction to influencers & decision makers, professional advice and mentoring and broad professional and public exposure.

The people that reach the final stage of reboot competition 2018: